'My Introducing God highlight was getting baptised at the beach on the Sunday morning of the Weekend Escape!'

We were sceptical as to whether the effort of a Weekend Escape was worth it. We thought none of our guests would come. We were very wrong.  

Our discovery has been that the key factor in encouraging people to come on the Weekend Escape has been how confident the Course Leader is in its value. If the Leader is convinced it is worthwhile then the Christian team will come with you and the guests will, too.

Its therefore important to remember that the guests you will be inviting to the Weekend Escape are people who will already have been part of the dinner series, for six or seven nights. They will be people who will have enjoyed the company of the other people at the table (they wouldn’t have kept coming if they didn’t), and who, by this stage in the course, have become convinced that there is at least something to the possibility of relationship with God.

Is it worth it? Yes! It’s an extraordinary thing to be able to go away with even a handful of people to consider what difference it would make to be in relationship with God.

So, even if only a handful come, it will still be one of the most exciting and profitable weekends you will have spent in Christian ministry!

'My friends don't care if it's true, they want to know what difference it will make to their lives.'

On the Weekend Escape we look at 'The difference Jesus makes.'  First it's the pleasure and the price of following Jesus with the parable of the great banquet and the cost of discipleship from Luke 14.

Then in the second session on the Saturday night we look at the Parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15 under the heading 'The difference Jesus makes to relationship with our Father.'  

On Sunday morning it's 'The difference Jesus makes to the Future,' as we study the parable of the Shrewd Manager and the Rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16.