Play this EASTER IntroducinG GOd PROMO VIDEO in YOUR CHurch

People are developing relationships with God in home courses, larger courses and peer to peer.

Introducing God combines the theology of Two Ways to Live with the Sociology of the relational course.

Our key strategy for seeing lots of adults saved has been to keep running home courses. We run lots and lots of home courses which keep evolving into Community Groups/Small Group Bible Studies.  

And as a result it seems as though there are always people trickling into the kingdom.

We run a larger course every 12-18 months.  We find stamping this as a central item in our church calendar helps us ensure that the whole ministry spends a season with everyone focused together on seeing our friends saved.

One to One or Peer to Peer courses are especially for where your friend can't come to a group course and the relationship is more peer-to-peer than teacher-student.

Introducing God is perfect here. We’ve seen many many people come to Christ by watching the videos with their Christian friend, spouse, brother, daughter, grandson or neighbour.