Sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon joins Dominic Steele in an optional appendix to tackle head on our age's biggest apologetic issue.

In this optional appendix to the main Introducing God series Dominic Steele is joined by 
respected Sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon.  

The biggest apologetic issue of our age is Sexuality and some Introducing God courses have had members get stuck on this issue.

So in this optional appendix to the main sessions Dominic & respected Sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon tackle the whole issue of Sexuality with the same Biblical and Pastoral framework:

What was God's original intention for us sexually?  How do we declare autonomy in terms of our sexuality?  What are the consequences of that, both in the hear and now, and in the future.  What has God done to put things right now through Jesus?  How should we expect life to be now in this sexually broken world? What can the future be for us sexually - now and in the new creation?

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