'The highlight of my recent trip to Tasmania was meeting a severely physically disabled man who had been very bitter with God, but watched Introducing God with a friend five years ago (just the two of them together) and was saved.' - Dominic Steele

Introducing God Peer to Peer is especially for where the relationship with your non-Christian friend doesnt fit into the teacher/student paradigm and where you cant get a friend along to a group course.  Perhaps your non-Christian friend is a brother, or a mother, grandparent or elder. 

Anyway, it would be uncomfortable for you to sit in a tutor relationship with them. At this point, Introducing God is perfect for your situation. Weve seen many many people come to Christ by watching the videos in pairs with their Christian spouse, brother, daughter, grandson or neighbour.

It's pretty simple to run.  Dominic says his 15 year old son is starting meeting up with another 15 year old boy in McDonalds on Friday afternoons. They are watching the videos (on a laptop with one earplug for each boy) and then talking about them.