Introducing God has been good for St Paul’s Carlingford


Dave Keun, who heads up Evangelism for St Paul’s Carlingford, outlines why Introducing God has been good for their church.

Dave has run two Introducing God courses in the last twelve months. 

Dave says ‘Introducing God has been good for our church in that it’s provided a pathway… where we can pull together people and help them understand the thing we hold so dear.’

‘The platform is great,’ he says and ‘it’s been useful in giving lots of different people places to serve in.’


Introducing God is different from other MORE ADVERSARIAL COURSES


Patricia, 59

Thank you so much for Introducing God, my husband of 25 years has just become a Christian 

Kurt Peters, Sydney

I met with my Grandma each week to watch the videos, then we chatted over coffee and at the end she committed her life to Christ 

Nicki, Sydney

Introducing God gives people who are not yet fully decided about God a chance to sit back and think about it 

Pete Wrench

I reckon fondue is the way ahead for Christian ministry.

Terry, Coffs Harbour



We get about 24-30 people each week , have a meal and chat... just the way it’s designed.

We use the DVD on the data projector & we haven’t lost anyone since it began. We love the uniquely Australian content of the presentations. 

Our guests identify with it easily. And they’re short! That’s something that makes the whole process easy to ‘sell’. A job well done. We’ll use it plenty of times in the future I’m sure.’. 


Stuart Bonnington

From the Introductory Session all the way to the Weekend Escape - around the theme ‘The difference Jesus makes’ - via the multi-media presentations, this is a finely crafted and carefully shaped course. It patiently begins where a modern non-Christian is, gently teaches them the truth of the Bible about Jesus while allowing them to express their doubts, questions and objections, while all the time they are build- ing significant relationships with Christians. This course is very well produced (not surprising given Dominic Steele’s background in the media and as the head of the Christians in the Media ministry).